25 PRO Tips for Early Game in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Here are 25 PRO Tips for Early Game in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. 20 HUGE Tips and tricks for a New Game Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is shown. These beginner tips for pokemon scarlet and Violet will help you navigate the new Pokemon scarlet and violet game. These are great 20 beginner tips and tricks pokemon scarlet and violet doesn’t tell you about. This is the complete beginner guide for pokemon scarlet and violet. I show you the BEST Pokemon scarlet and Violet tips and tricks that can help you in your New playthrough. These early game tips for a new play-through in pokemon scarlet and violet will help you become very strong and help you have a powerful start in the game!
⏱️ Video Chapters ⏱️
0:00 Introduction
0:14 Settings
1:47 Access the MAP
2:08 MAP icons
3:26 STRONG Pokemon in Early Game Area
4:35 Victory Road: Gym Leaders
5:13 Path of Legends: Titans
5:50 Star Fall Street: Team Star ; TMs
6:21 Pokemon Centers
6:55 Tera Raid Dens
7:35 Exploration Tips (Items)
8:30 Wild Tera Pokemon in Overworld
9:34 Important Tera Battle Information
10:20 More Tips about Tera Pokemon & Terastalization
10:55 Glowing stakes to unlock Legendary Pokemon
11:18 Useful Shops to Buy Items
13:07 Autobattle
14:00 Fall Damage
14:22 Obtaining TM False Swipe
14:47 Catching New pokemon & Completing Pokedex grants REWARDS & Shiny Charm
15:15 Adventure Guide (Key Items)
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