A roboticist built a hardware aimbot that could outperform the pros, until it aimed so hard it died

First spotted by Hackaday, an industrious robot-builder, Kamal Carter, has created a physical aimbot that will visually scan a computer screen and then physically move a mouse to click on targets, and it’s good enough that it can outperform some Valorant pros in aim training software. Or could, before its brief shot at esports glory was snuffed out.

Aimbotting is more typically accomplished through software, removing our unreliable meatspace reflexes from the equation so we can click on heads with ruthless machine precision. It’s a great bugbear of competitive FPS games, with its alleged use by opponents being second only to FPS players’ own teammates as their most-cited reason for losing a game. Cheating software can be a real problem, pervasive enough that developers invest in anticheat solutions or expensive legal campaigns against their creators in order to preserve the competitive integrity of their games. 

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