Arcadegeddon Review – The Final Verdict

In a space as crowded as the multiplayer rogue-lite shooter genre, you better come correct if you’re going to take a stab at carving out your own audience. Thankfully, Arcadegeddon mostly does just that. While its central theme of standing up to modern sensibilities with creativity and uniqueness is somewhat undercut by the fact that Arcadegeddon’s own gameplay largely just ends up catering to modern multiplayer expectations, it’s something that is pretty easy to ignore most of the time. The combat comes in swinging with tight and speedy action. The cantankerous enemies and bosses are a blast to take on, and the perpetual loop of accomplishing newer and bigger challenges while improving on each and every run almost immediately falls into place.

On top of that, it runs like a dream on the PS5 and I encountered no notable stability issues that I can recall. For 20 bucks, it’s a pretty solid package. I wish there was perhaps a tad more meat on the bone with the narrative and more of a willingness to buck current trends with its conventional weapons, level layouts, and overall structure, but if you’re looking for a slightly different spin on this tried and true format, you could certainly do a lot worse than Arcadegeddon.

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