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It’s Easter, and we here at Nintendo Life think that “Easter Egg” features are more overdone than an egg boiled for 20 minutes. Besides, we know about all the Easter Eggs in games already, from Chris Houlihan’s room to the secret Tingle dungeon that you can find in Skyward Sword by entering the Konami code. (That last one’s not real. Right?)

But Easter is all about eggs (among other things), so why not celebrate our yolky friends with a list of the very best eggies in video games? This weekend, when you’re chomping down on a hollow facsimile of a chicken oval, think of all the excellent eggs there have been across the years. Isn’t that the true meaning of Easter, after all? (no)


From: Pokémon Gold and Silver

Togepi is an emblem of a simpler time in the Pokémon games. The precocious little lad first appeared not in the games, but the anime, and then later appeared in Pokémon Gold and Silver as an egg that would later hatch. He eventually evolves into a sort of long egg, Togetic, and eventually a sort of flying egg-thing, Togekiss. Besides “egg”, what is he? We might never really know.


From: The Dizzy series

If your first answer to “what is a good egg in games” is “Dizzy”, then congratulations: You are over 30. Dizzy is an anthropomorphic egg and Prince of the Yolkfolk who first appeared in the game of the same name on the Commodore 64, the Amstrad CPC, and the ZX Spectrum back in 1987, and would later appear on the Nintendo Entertainment System in a game called Treasure Island Dizzy (or simply, Dizzy II). If you want to get to know the original egg, you can play Fast Food Dizzy on the Switch!

Paper Baby Yoshi (or whatever you called him)

From: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Although it would be an easy win to include “Yoshi’s Eggs” in the list of best eggs in games, we feel like that’s a bit of a cop-out… when Paper Mario includes a much more interesting version. In the fantastic, unparalleled Glitzville chapter of Thousand-Year Door, Mario and pals receive a mysterious egg which follows them around, eventually hatching into a Baby Yoshi whose colour depends on how long you waited to hatch him. He’s easily one of the best companions in the game, and you also get to name him yourself!


From: Pokémon Red and Blue

Exeggcute isn’t a great competitive Pokémon, and it’s not a particularly appealing partner, either… But this group of ovoid pals is intriguing all the same. Why do they all have separate emotions? Are they unique entities that just happen to hang around in a pack of 6? Why is that one’s head cracked open? Is the one in the middle the leader? So many questions. So many eggs.

Billy Hatcher’s Massive Egg

From: Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg

As the only game on this list that actually includes “egg” in the title, Billy Hatcher’s debut outing had to be on here. One of the earlier games that Yuji Naka worked on, Billy Hatcher let you play the titular chicken-boy whose powers could be awakened with eggs. You grow the eggs Katamari-style, trying to avoid anything that might damage it, until it hatches — but the Giant Egg of the title is a special case, which can grant wishes. Our only wish is for an egg sarnie.


From: Dark Souls: Remastered

What better egg can there be… but you? In Dark Souls, you can find a large nest, and when you get there, you’ll get the prompt to “Curl up like a ball”… which will make you look a bit like an egg. Wait a while, and you’ll eventually attract the attention of a bloody massive crow, who will pick you (egg form) up in her talons, and take you all the way to her other nest in the Northern Undead Asylum. Best fast travel ever? Eggsactly.

Dr Eggman

From: Sonic the Hedgehog

Can you imagine being so rotund that you earn the nickname “Eggman”, and then everyone calls you that to the point where not only do they forget that your name is Dr Robotnik, but you end up calling yourself Eggman? Kudos to Eggman for being so chill about what is a very mean moniker, and also for his impressive physique. Sonic’s rival is what a villain should be: Bonkers, inventive, and somehow always ready and willing to try enacting his bafflingly maniacal plans without having prepared for them to be foiled by the same speedy hedgehog.

Chao Egg

From: Sonic Adventure

What is an egg when it is not a man? It is, in the case of Sonic, a Chao Egg: The egg from which a Chao, Sonic’s occasional pets, hatches. Granted, the Chao itself is better than the Chao Egg, but this egg holds possibilities and potential, as the Chao Garden allows you to breed your own. Will this Chao be better at swimming? Will it be extra-evil? You just won’t know until it hatches!

Leon’s Eggs

From: Resident Evil 4

When you’re running from a zombie horde a bunch of Spanish lads infected with Las Plagas, you’re probably thinking one thing: Boy, I could really do with a handy source of protein right now. Enter the humble egg. Found on the corpses of all the random snakes you find around the place, and even the occasional chicken, these eggs can be the only thing between Leon and an untimely death. You can even throw them to briefly stun enemies! What can’t they do?

The Wind Fish Egg

From: Link’s Awakening

Easily the biggest egg on this list, the iconic spotted Wind Fish egg from Link’s Awakening informs the entire plot of the game. Inside the egg is not a creature — it’s an entire dungeon, full of shadow monsters, and once you beat them all… well, that would be a spoiler. The egg is full of spoilers. That’s not important, really: What’s important is that the egg is a very nice and very big egg. Good egg.

Kazooie’s Eggs

From: Banjo-Kazooie

Banjo is a bear, and Kazooie is a bird. Bears have no special abilities, but birds can lay eggs — and Kazooie’s eggs are a great ranged weapon against enemies. Should we be worried about how fast we’re asking Kazooie to crank these out, or that she shoots them out of her… mouth? Or that the sound she makes while doing it sounds like retching? We try not to think about it too much.

The Minecraft Egg

From: Minecraft

The best way to get chickens in Minecraft is to hatch them yourself. How do you normally hatch eggs? With an incubator and plenty of patience, of course — unless you’re in Minecraft, in which case the answer is “throw them, obviously”. It could be argued that the greatest Minecraft egg is actually the Ender Dragon Egg — it’s rare, it’s unmoveable, and it’s the symbol of one of the hardest achievements in the game — but sometimes it’s the simple things that deserve recognition.

Eggert Benedict

From: The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

Mr Benedict is not exactly a nice person, but this rich top-hatted lad is a key witness in one of the most thrilling cases of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, with a title befitting of a series that loves its weird pun names. We won’t say much more than that, because spoilers. But god, the bravery you must require to go out into the world with a name like Eggert Benedict.

Stop ‘n’ Swop Eggs

From: Banjo-Kazooie

An Easter Egg that’s also an egg! Or, more precisely, six eggs! These secret eggs were originally intended as a reward for players who owned both Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie, as long as they were able to switch between the two cartridges (a technique called Stop ‘n’ Swop) — but hardware changes made this impossible, and thus the eggs passed into legend. You can actually get these eggs through using cheats, but they don’t do much.

You may have noticed a particular egg (or rather, collection of eggs) didn’t quite make the list. That’s because no one likes them.

All other eggs are preferable. We love you, egg!

What are your favourite eggs in games? Do you actually have one? Of course you do. Let us know in the comments!

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