Canada’s biggest telecom company claims outage was caused by botched ‘maintenance’

Update 7/10/22: According to the BBC (opens in new tab), Rogers Communications CEO Tony Staffieri attributed the country-wide outage in communications to a malfunction following “a maintenance update” in the telecom’s core network. This is the second major outage from Rogers in 15 months, and has left many questioning the company’s stewardship of a network relied on by emergency services, businesses, and millions of ordinary Canadians.

Update 7/9/22: According to AP reporting (opens in new tab), Rogers Communications has restored power to “the vast majority” of customers following a 15-hour outage that affected almost all of Canada. The company has apologized for the disruption, but still hasn’t offered an explanation for why internet access, cellular communication, payment processing, and even emergency services were cut off in such a totalizing fashion. At least now the good people of Toronto can enjoy the Weeknd’s postponed performance at the Rogers Centre.

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