China bans livestreams of unapproved videogames

In March, the Chinese government announced plans to expand its restrictions on online gaming for minors to include livestreaming and social media. At the time, the government was seeking public feedback on a draft document of proposed changes, but it appears that some aspects of the crackdown are now being adopted: A Reuters report says the country’s National Radio and Television Administration has banned livestreams of unauthorized videogames.

The new regulation [Google translated] applies to videogames that have not been approved for publication in China, according to the report, as well as streams of games and esports competitions from outside of China. Along with imposing limits on game content that can be streamed on Chinese platforms, it also calls on streamers to avoid “traffic-oriented” aesthetics and other “undesirable” behavior, and to interact with viewers in a “civilized and healthy” online environment.

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