CrossfireX shutting down in May, discontinuing 12 achievements

Free-to-play FPS CrossfireX is next up for the chopping block, with the team announcing that servers will be closing in May and campaign content — which thankfully doesn’t have any achievements — has already been delisted.

CrossfireX launched less than a year ago, but the FPS has apparently already taken its last bullet — Smilegate has announced that its F2P shooter will be pressing X to jump in mass grave on May 18th when the servers will be closing for good. The game’s campaign, which is set to leave Game Pass in a couple of weeks, has been removed from sale but is seemingly still available to download via Game Pass at the time of writing, although all of the game’s achievements are related to the online multiplayer. The free client also looks to still be available at this time.

CrossfireX bites the bullet in May

CrossfireX certainly wasn’t one of the best free Xbox games and its somewhat grim 2.38/5 TA user rating suggests many players won’t be sad to see the back of the shooter, although you are on the clock now if you’re still looking to get the completion done. It’s not exactly a tough one, with just three sets of cumulatives and a platinum-style ‘unlock everything else’ achievement in its 12-achievement clip, but playing 100 matches will be one you’ll probably want to get done well in advance of the shutdown, which will discontinue the lot as the game will no longer be playable after this time.

The official site notes that players who have made any purchases in the last two weeks may be eligible for refunds, and that no new content will be added to the game between now and its May shutdown.

Disappointed to see CrossfireX go, or more disappointed that you now have to play more CrossfireX in the next three months? Let us know!

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