Dango Dash is a pixel-art retro platformer that’s out now on the Nintendo GameBoy Color

Dango Dash is now available for the Nintendo GameBoy Color as crafted by publisher Incube8 Games and indie studio Rebusmind. Players can look forward to testing their platforming skills across a fast-paced title while they navigate an island in the clouds as a young boy named Dango.

In Dango Dash, players will step into the shoes of the titular hero across a coming-of-age story. They’ll have to save their village from the malevolent Hanami ninja clan, all presented in adorable pixel art.

As I grew up with the Game Boy – it was my first gaming device – Dango Dash is my distilled nostalgia of those days playing games like Wario Land. You could say it has a retro feeling mixed with modern design principles, something I find very appealing,” says Incube8 Games. “The game is not a direct homage to a specific game, but takes inspiration from games like Goemon, which mixed platforming with adventure parts and story segments. The unique perspective in the game world was partly inspired by the Mario & Luigi games.

If you’re keen on joining in on all the fun, you can do so by purchasing Dango Dash on the official website. The game will set you back by $59.99 a pop or your local equivalent, and will include a sealed box, a clear grey cartridge and a clear cartridge protector, as well as an instruction booklet. There will also be a Dango Dash stickers sheet for fun, plus a silkscreened PCB.

There’s also a digital version of the game that only costs $9.99. This one includes the game ROM, the cover art, and an instructions booklet in PDF format.

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