Dead Static Drive hits Game Pass next year after ten-year road trip

After spending almost ten years in development and being announced for Game Pass back in 2019, developer Reuben Games has locked in a 2024 release window for its indie survival-horror game, Dead Static Drive.

Reuben Games has announced that Dead Static Drive is now down to launch for Xbox, Game Pass, and PC in Q3 2024. Development on the game began back in 2014 and was originally confirmed for Game Pass in 2019.

Dead Static Drive joins Game Pass in 2024

The news of Dead Static Drive’s release window was delivered alongside an announcement that Reuben Games had secured funding from VicScreen’s Victorian Production Fund that will see the game’s development “down the home stretch.”

Dead Static Drive is an indie survival-horror game set in the 1980s that follows a nightmarish road trip. Blending “weird fiction and uncanny Eldritch themes,” you will need to explore, scavenge, and fight to survive and stop “the continuing violence of an estranged father, who has fast-spiralled into a paranoid recluse,” and prevent the consequences of his delusions.

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Have you been looking forward to Dead Static Drive? Are you glad it now has a release window? Let us know down in the comments.

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