Diablo Immortal: Set Items Guide

Diablo Immortal: Set Items Guide

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The bonus effects that Set Items provide in Diablo Immortal are anything but second-rate.

Diablo Immortal: Set Items Guide

Diablo Immortal is all about loot. And while Legendary Gems provide some of the most powerful status buffs in-game, players don’t have to take out a loan to acquire those fabled gems and get decent power levels in-game just yet.

Before you start testing your luck on Legendary Gems, you can easily increase your character’s fighting capability in Diablo Immortal by upgrading their Primary Equipment. Or, if you’ve completed the game’s main storyline, you might want to start increasing the game difficulty to farm Set Items instead.

Diablo Immortal Set Items

Below are all the locations and required difficulties to acquire each piece of every Set in Diablo Immortal. Check our guide on How to Change Game Difficulty in Diablo Immortal to make sure you’re getting the Set Item you came for in these Dungeons.

While each Set Item will immediately provide a good amount of status bonuses by themselves, combining two, four, or all six Set Items will give the player unique abilities akin to those found in Legendary Gems.

Windloft Perfection

The Windloft Perfection set will make players more elusive and resistant to incoming damage.

  • Two Set Items Equipped– Player gains the Thousand Winds ability, which increases movement speed by 15%. This ability will be disabled for three seconds each time the player takes damage.
  • Four Set Items Equipped – With Thousand Winds active, the player gains 20% more damage.
  • Full Set – With Thousand Winds active, the player gains a shield that gives immunity to five damage instances. 40-second cooldown.
Set Items Dungeon
Amulet (Wisdom’s Edge) Forgotten Tower (Hell 2+)
Ring 1 (Fairfleet) Mad King’s Breach (Hell 4+)
Ring 2 (Foulfleet) Pit of Anguish (Hell 4+)
Gloves (Hurtling Steel) Tomb of Fahir (Hell 2+)
Belt (Whipcrack) Destruction’s End (Hell 1+)
Shoes (Stump-Stir) Kikuras Rapids (Hell 1+)

Feasting Baron’s Pack

The Feasting Baron’s Pack augments stun, slow, and chill effects in Diablo Immortal.

  • Two Set Items Equipped – Abilities that cause loss of control will gain a 30% increase in duration.
  • Four Set Items Equipped – Enemies suffering from player-inflicted loss of control will take 15% more damage.
  • Full Set – Player releases an ice nova each time they defeat an enemy suffering from player-inflicted loss of control. Deals 766 damage to nearby enemies and applies Freeze for four seconds. 40-second cooldown.
Set Items Dungeon
Amulet (The Subjugator) Destruction’s End (Hell 2+)
Ring 1 (The Turnkey) Tomb of Fahir (Hell 4+)
Ring 2 (The Prisoner) Forgotten Tower (Hell 4+)
Gloves (The Mailed Fist) Kikuras Rapids (Hell 2+)
Belt (The Gaoler) Temple of Namari (Hell 1+)
Shoes (The Tyrant) Cavern of Echoes (Hell 1+)

Grace of the Flagellant

Classes that can deal continuous damage will gain additional damage from the Grace of the Flagellant set.

  • Two Set Items Equipped– Continuous, channeled, and persistent ground damage increased by 15%
  • Four Set Items Equipped – After damaging an enemy unit five times, the player will deal 287 additional damage to the same enemy unit.
  • Full Set – Each time the player deals damage to enemies, they gain a 4% chance to summon a lightning strike that deals 1724 damage to all nearby enemies. The lightning strike will also stun all enemies for 2 seconds. 40-second cooldown.
Set Items Dungeon
Amulet (Slit Throat) Temple of Namari (Hell 2+)
Ring 1 (Broken Palm) Kikuras Rapids (Hell 4+)
Ring 2 (Severed Thumb) Destruction’s End (Hell 4+)
Gloves (Bloody Hand) Cavern of Echoes (Hell 2+)
Belt (Open Gut) Pit of Anguish (Hell 1+)
Shoes (Torn Sole) Mad King’s Breach (Hell 1+)

Issatar Imbued

Issatar Imbued gives characters a Movement Speed bonus and increases character damage relative to their current Movement Speed.

  • Two Set Items Equipped– Player gains 30% increased Movement Speed after defeating an enemy.
  • Four Set Items Equipped – Increases damage dealt by the player by 2.5% for every 5% increase in Movement Speed. Damage capped at 25%.
  • Full Set – Defeating enemies will give a 10% chance to summon a soul orb that deals 263 damage to all enemies hit for 10 seconds. 40-second cooldown.
Set Items Dungeon
Amulet (Issatar at Rest) Mad King’s Breach (Hell 2+)
Ring 1 (Issatar Enraged) Pit of Anguish (Hell 4)
Ring 2 (Issatar Undone) Cavern of Echoes (Hell 4+)
Gloves (Issatar’s Open Hand) Forgotten Tower (Hell 2+)
Belt (Issatar Contained) Tomb of Fahir (Hell 1+)
Shoes (Issatar the Brute) Destruction’s End (Hell 1+)

Shepherd’s Call to Wolves

True to its name, Shepherd’s Call to Wolves increases all summoned units’ Damage and Attack Speed.

  • Two Set Items Equipped – Summoned units will deal 15% more damage.
  • Four Set Items Equipped – All summoned units gain 3% more Critical Hit Chance up to 18%.
  • Full Set – Critical Hits will cause summoned units to go into a frenzy. While in this state, summoned units will gain 100% increased damage and Attack Speed. 40-second cooldown.
Set Items Dungeon
Amulet (Shepherd and Architect) Tomb of Fahir (Hell 2+)
Ring 1 (Shepherd and Father) Forgotten Tower (Hell 4+)
Ring 2 (Shepherd and Mother) Mad King’s Breach (Hell 4+)
Gloves (Shepherd and Beastmaster) Destruction’s End (Hell 2+)
Belt (Shepherd and Begetter) Kikuras Rapids (Hell 1+)
Shoes (Shepherd and Leader) Temple of Namari (Hell 1+)

War Rags of Shal’baas

Increases Attack Speed and Attack Damage for all Primary Attacks. Perfect for melee classes such as the Barbarian.

  • Two Set Items Equipped – Increases Primary Attack damage by 15%.
  • Four Set Items Equipped – Continuously attacking will increase the player’s Attack Speed up to a maximum of 25%.
  • Full Set – Primary Attacks gain a 5% chance to increase Attacking Speed for 10 seconds. 30-second cooldown.
Set Items Dungeon
Amulet (Burning Heart of Shal’bass) Pit of Anguish (Hell 2+)
Ring 1 (Braided Serpent of Shal’bass) Cavern of Echoes (Hell 4+)
Ring 2 (Resting Fangs of Shal’bass) Temple of Namari (Hell 4+)
Gloves (Dozen Strikes of Shal’baas) Mad King’s Breach (Hell 2+)
Belt (Storm-Tack of Shal’baas) Forgotten Tower (Hell 1+)
Shoes (Wind-Trods of Shal-baas) Tomb of Fahir (Hell 1+)

Vithu’s Urges

A must-have for support-centric players – Vithu’s Urges augments beneficial effects duration and improves Attack Speed for all party members.

  • Two Set Items Equipped – The player and their party members gain 30% increased duration on all beneficial effects.
  • Four Set Items Equipped – Using beneficial effects on self or party members increases the target’s Attack Speed by 30% for three seconds.
  • Full Set – Creates a small area of apotheosis for 10 seconds whenever the player uses a skill to buff themselves or their party members. Grants 15% Life Drain to the player and any party members in the area. 40-second cooldown.
Set Items Dungeon
Amulet (Awakener’s Urge) Kikuras Rapids (Hell 2+)
Ring 1 (Modest Urge) Destruction’s End (Hell 4+)
Ring 2 (Shameless Urge) Tomb of Fahir (Hell 4+)
Gloves (Luminary’s Urge) Temple of Namari (Hell 2+)
Belt (Exemplar’s Urge) Cavern of Echoes (Hell 1+)
Shoes (Beacon’s Urge) Pit of Anguish (Hell 1+)

Untouchable Mountebank

Become virtually untouchable with the Untouchable Mountebank. Grants powerful shield effects relative to the player’s maximum HP.

  • Two Set Items Equipped – Grants the player a 20% chance to gain a shield that absorbs damage equal to 13% of the player’s maximum HP for each time they take damage from enemy units.
  • Four Set Items Equipped – Increases shield damage absorption by 33% of the player’s maximum HP. Grants the ability to phase through enemies while the shield is active.
  • Full Set – Shield gains a 25% chance to explode for 40% of the player’s max HP as damage to all nearby enemies.
Set Items Dungeon
Amulet (Mountebank’s Flourish) Cavern of Echoes (Hell 2+)
Ring 1 (Mountebank’s Misdirection) Temple of Namari (Hell 4+)
Ring 2 (Mountebank’s Marvel) Kikuras Rapids (Hell 4+)
Gloves (Mountebank’s Shirking) Pit of Anguish (Hell 2+)
Belt (Mountebank’s Bravado) Mad King’s Breach (Hell 1+)
Shoes (Mountebank’s Slyness) Forgotten Tower (Hell 1+)

Ready Set Go

Despite being more attainable than 5-star Legendary Gems, these Set Items still require quite a considerable amount of investment to complete, as the Dungeon Levels from Hell 1 and above require a minimum amount of Combat Rating to unlock.

Nevertheless, complete all six Set Items that synergize well with your character’s class in Diablo Immortal, and you’ll be one step closer to becoming an endgame monster.

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