Disney Dreamlight Valley drops hints for next big update in June

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s next big update is Update 5, and Gameloft has confirmed it’ll arrive in June, while also giving a few hints on what we can expect.

Disney Dreamlight Valley players have been anticipating the game’s next big update for a while now, and while we don’t yet have a specific day confirmed, we do now know it’ll definitely arrive in June.

disney dreamlight valley update 5

Disney Dreamlight Valley Update 5 arrives in June

From the most recent Disney Dreamlight Valley roadmap, we know that early summer will see us “unravel the secret to The Forgetting” and see a princess (who most players assume will be Wreck-It Ralph’s Vanellope) “race into the Valley,” while a shadowy figure inside the currently-inaccessible pumpkin house shown on the roadmap raises hopes that the Fairy Godmother will be added too.

That first clue about the secret to The Forgetting arriving in early summer could tie in with Gameloft’s latest hint that players will “make your way to familiar, but Forgotten, places in Update 5,” which was shared on Twitter along with the image included above. Thanks to several other nuggets of information shared by the Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitter account, we can guess that Update 5 might also let us use the Touch of Magic tool on furniture such as beds, letting us have “a brand new way to flex your design chops and add your own personal Touch to the Valley.” Similarly, Update 5 will bring us mannequins which can be used to both display favourite outfits and instantly change into those outfits. Lastly, and most randomly, Update 5 will also apparently give us a teapot based off the Mad Tea Party attraction, which will land in our inbox when the update drops.

In good news for achievement hunters, we also had confirmation from Gameloft that Disney Dreamlight Valley plans to adjust its unobtainable Xbox achievement in one of the game’s future updates.

What are you hoping to see in Update 5?

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