DracARys, an RPG AR title where you can raise your dragon

House of the Dragon: DracArys is an augmented reality RPG game developed by WarnerMedia Global Digital Services. It is based on the new HBO series House of the Dragon which will release on August 21 of this year and is about the Targaryen family during the reign of King Viserys I.

It is a prequel to the popular Game of Thrones TV series and is based on the Fire and Blood novel by George R.R. Martin. In this game, players can train their own dragon companion in the real world and even be able to make it spit fire using the Valyrian word, Dracarys.

Take care of a baby dragon and turn it into a fire-breathing beast

House of the Dragon DracARys
Image via WarnerMedia Global Digital Services

Everyone who has read The Song of Ice and Fire novels or watched Game of Thrones knows that the Targaryens are a family very famous and well known for their special bond with dragons. As this game is set at the time when the Targaryens were the rulers, players will find way more dragons roaming in the skies of Westeros than they normally did in the original timeline of the series.

Teach your dragon several tricks and commands in House of the Dragon: DracArys

The players will be presented with a dragon egg which will eventually hatch and they will need to feed and take care of the young hatchling so that it grows in the best of conditions. During its growth period, it will learn how several things like how to fly, how to breathe fire, cook its own food using it, and much more. As the game uses AR technology, players will be able to integrate the dragons into their everyday surroundings and be able to take their pictures. Players will be able to teach their dragons various commands and interact with them.

This game will provide a great experience to the fans of the famous series as it will give them a way to dive into the world of Westeros virtually. The app has been already released across both the App Store and Google Play Store and interested players can go ahead and download it right away.

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