Dragon Trail: Hunter World opens up pre-registrations ahead of nearby release date

The upcoming mobile MMORPG Dragon Trail: Hunter World has officially opened up pre-registrations after a few trailer drops and gameplay detail previews. Due to launch in only a few weeks, Dragon Trail sees players take up the role of a young boy from a native tribe trying to track down his missing father. As you travel throughout this fantastical, beautiful world, you’ll capture and train various monsters and do battle with them as you unravel the mystery.

The first thing the visuals of Dragon Trail really remind me of are the JRPG spin-offs of the popular Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter Stories. Even the story and concept are pretty similar – following in a missing dad’s footsteps, capturing various creatures that you’ll use in a variety of ways, and being a young child from a tribe native to the game’s island. The combat, however, is quite different, and is a lot more action-oriented. Similar to something like the recently released Diablo Immortal, Dragon Trail’s combat is a top-down real-time action experience, asking you to dodge around and tap buttons to use skills and normal attacks in combination.


The game’s setting, Star Island, is a gorgeous and colourful land that’s home to many amazing creatures. From Fire Wyverns to Icy Bears, you’ll always be on your toes wondering what incredible monster is right around the corner. After you capture these creatures, you’ll use them in battle to form bonds with them, which will then cause them to evolve and grow in different ways, upgrading them in a sense. Again, it’s very adjacent to the Monster Hunter Stories games in a lot of ways.

As for the MMO part, you’ll be able to team up with friends or randoms and tackle stronger bosses in certain pieces of content. There’s also a class system at work, and you’ll have four to pick from: the powerful warrior, the healing priest, the sneaky ranger, and the brutal assassin. Each of these options has a different way of playing and going about combat so you’re free to pick whichever melds with your preferred playstyle.

If all of that sounds like a great time to you, you can pre-register for Dragon Trail: Hunter World by checking out either of the links below!

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