Dying Light 2 takes a swing at Dead Island 2 with gory free update

Techland has announced that a free update arriving for all Dying Light 2 players tomorrow will upgrade the game’s gore system, as well as add transmogrification, a new limited-time event, and more.

The next free Dying Light 2 update, Gut Feeling, will include “major combat and physics improvements” for its gore system, and in a coincidental turn of events, it’s arriving tomorrow, April 20th, the day before Dambuster launches its highly anticipated Dead Island 2 — check out our Dying Light 2 review and Dead Island 2 review to see how the two games stack up. Alongside the combat changes, we can also expect to see the new transmogrification system, a Viral Rush event, and more.

Dying Light 2 Gut Feeling update trailer

As revealed last month, the next update will include major improvements to Dying Light 2’s combat and physics systems, which Techland says “introduces bloody new ways to dismember the limbs of foes.” Titled Gut Feeling, the free update will also introduce the transmogrification system so you can style Aiden to your liking while retaining the stats you like, and a weapon crafting system. A new Pilgrim Outpost will act as a hub for players to track community events, activate bounties, and receive Pilgrim tokens.

Arriving alongside the free update, a Viral Rush event will be running between April 20th and May 4th, offering us a chance to earn the items found in the Rahim Bundle. It includes two outfits styled on the runner from the original Dying Light, which like past events, will become paid DLC when Viral Rush ends.

Will you be heading to The City for some Viral slaughter this weekend? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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