eFootball 2022 will introduce Friend Match and fix in-game controls in the upcoming 1.1.4 update

As a part of the upcoming eFootball 2022 1.1.4 version update, KONAMI has made two significant announcements today. The Developers are finally integrating the Friend-Match mode in the eFootball 2022 1.1.4 update, much to the delight of fans. Along with fixing the in-game controls, the developers also promised to introduce new Defense controls for both the Classic and Touch & Flick Control Types in this update. Even hints at tiny changes to player behavior and AI that might improve our gaming experience has been made.

The much-anticipated Friend Match mode go live in mid-July

Users have provided several feedback and requests, and it appears that the devs have finally heard the players. On their Twitter account, Konami has already made an official announcement on this new Friend Match mode, set to arrive in eFootball 2022 1.1.4 update.

To join the same lobby, players need to establish a Match Room and ask their friends to join them. You are all ready to show off your dream team in front of your friend(s) once they have entered the Room. Well, that is all that has been communicated from KONAMI’s end as of now. But, if speculations are to be believed, users are going to have something known as the Match Room List. Here’s how to create a Match room:

  • Users will be having a Create Match Room option. They are going to get access to something known as the Filter Menu
  • The Filter menu itself would be having several options under it that would allow users to choose a Room Type, decide on when to give Room access to a Friend (i.e., before the game or midway between an ongoing match), make a Room Password to share with friends, and even choose the Match Type.

Both the 1V1 and Co-Op matchmakings are anticipated to be featured under Friend Match Mode, according to sources. Co-Op matches, however, might not be enabled right away in the upcoming update simply because it was designed for console users. It is advisable to avoid placing any bets and to let go of unrealistic expectations.

KONAMI aims to fix some of the in-game controls in the next update

A promise Konami made to fans was that they will also be updating some of the in-game controls in addition to debuting Friend Match Mode in eFootball 2022 1.1.4 update. Fans had previously criticized the developers for their Directional sticks and Command buttons, which made it difficult to make one-touch passes.

eFootball 2022 Friend Match 1.1.4 update
Image via KONAMI

Many users have shown their distaste for the in-game controls on Reddit. Clearly, the users weren’t satisfied with the Controls and after facing all the heat, KONAMI has finally announced to fix them in the upcoming version update 1.1.4. Additionally, Konami has announced to add new Defense Controls for both the Classic and Touch and Flick Control Types:

Classic Control

Match-up was formerly activated by swiping the Pressure button left or right, but because of the command’s significance, the developers sought to make it easier for users to utilize. As a result, we have decided to create a brand-new button specifically for this action. However, this new feature is optional, so users can decide whether or not to utilize it based on their own preferences.

Touch and Flick Control

Up until this moment, the defense was carried out by holding the right side of the screen in motion and using the strong>Dash and Match-up/strong> command. Some people have observed that in particular circumstances, such as when your player must quickly return to his box, this makes controlling less natural. In order to fix this issue, the engineers changed the controls.

As a consequence, users can now defend while conducting a Dash by just sliding totally on the left side of the screen. Nevertheless, this order while defending. After the version update 1.1.4, the creators also pledged to improve the gameplay experience for fans by making changes to the Player Response and AI.

Final Thoughts

Since eFootball 2022 was released on mobile devices, there has been a lot of backlash from users who claim it is inferior to previous seasons. Nevertheless, the developers have consistently worked to enhance the fan experience based on their input. One item to be on the lookout for is the new Friend Match Mode in the eFootball 2022 1.1.4 update. Fans would undoubtedly enjoy the game more if the in-game controls were fixed, as they have promised today.

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