Episode 305 – Sugar Boy Gangsta Magic – Talk Nintendo

The Champ is back and with him, he brought the flow of games. We’re talking Klonoa, Endling, Sekiro, Live A Evil, and more! But that isn’t all, the eShop Roundup is making a return plus your listener mail!

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Casey’s back and the games are flowing. We like it!

Let’s get right to it. Perry and Alex start off the games part of the show with Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series. It’s good…sometimes? And is also Balanesque??? Alex follows it up with early thoughts about Endling – Extinction is Forever as well as final Sekiro thoughts. Pivoting to Casey, he tells us his thoughts on the Live a Live (Live a Evil demo) and SNES Classic. Last but not least, Perry tells us about Super UFO Fighter.

In the second half of the show, we start with one of the most ridiculous eShop Roundups yet. After that, Josh blesses us with an HD-2D listener voicemail, and we close on a Poll Time about funny games.

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