Episode 780: The Artist vs. The Thousand Year Truthers – Radio Free Nintendo

Like all “truthers,” they’re wrong.

This week, twenty minutes spent on news are SOLELY responsible for us being unable to provide you a Listener Mail segment. Clearly, Bayonetta 3 and Kirby’s Dream Buffet need to return to the abyss from whence they came. Alas, they will not, so we cover this E3 Direct to start the show. Remember, Nintendo made both of these instead of making an F-Zero game. They are both 100% responsible. Sound off in the comments.

After we roll through that news, we… transformer our hair into… we do New Business. Jon gives us an update on Diablo Immortal and its ludicrous number of currencies. It has more currencies than a Crypto exchange, seconds before North Korean hackers clean it out. And on the current trajectory, about the same real-world values. James is trying to race through his backlog before Xenoblade Chronicles 3 launches in under two weeks. He already finished Future Connected, and now he’s started – and completed – Paper Mario: The Origami King. He has thoughts, but they’re mostly about the discourse surrounding this game and how some of you are just unfathomably wrong.

After a breather, Guillaume has an update on Citizen Sleeper, which he now feels better equipped to describe. He then moves onto Carrion, a game where you play a flesh-munching tentacle monster, and I will not add any additional jokes here. Lastly, Greg closes out the show with some additional thoughts on ElecHead before moving on to talk monster hunting in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. He and Jon dive deep into getting going in Sunbreak and how it deviates from the previous content.

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