First 4 Figures’ Mega Man X (Final Weapon) statue now up for pre-order

After weeks of teasing, First 4 Figures has finally fully revealed their Mega Man X (Final Weapon) statue. You can see the full reveal of this incredible statue in the video above.

This Mega Man X (Final Weapon) statue captures the moment when X jumps up to strike. With the smoke and broken cables on the base, it makes him look as if he’s propelled up by the explosion as well.

There are actually 6 different versions of this Mega Man X (Final Weapon) statue, all with subtle differences and changes. Depending on which one you go with, you’ll have to spend somewhere between $570 and $675, so make your choice carefully!

To get a closer look at all the different variants of the Mega Man X (Final Weapon) statue, check out the First 4 Figures shop here.

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