Game Pass adds another critically-acclaimed hit tomorrow with Planet of Lana

Xbox Game Pass appears to have another day one winner on its hands, with the gorgeous puzzle adventure game Planet of Lana receiving rave reviews from critics.

Planet of Lana joins Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass tomorrow, and it seems that Wishfully’s new cinematic adventure game has gone down well with critics. Many have praised the game for its clever companion-driven mechanics, beautiful visuals, and its story. Here is a quick review round-up in lieu of our review, which will be with you all soon.

Planet of Lana reviews

GamesRadar – 4.5/5: “Planet of Lana is a beautiful cinematic adventure full of mystery, suspense, and charm. With stunning hand-painted backdrops, an enchanting musical score, and characters you care for, the companion-based mechanics and bond between Lana and Mui make this one very special adventure.”

Gaming Bolt – 9/10: “Planet of Lana is an incredible journey. It’s a down-to-earth traipse through a unique but endearing off-world setting, with tight pacing and excellent presentation underscoring a tale of camaraderie and familial devotion. Whether it’s the incredible visuals or the stellar gameplay, it’s worth your time.”

Press Start – 8.5/10: “Planet of Lana is a profoundly moving title that couples its clever, companion-driven puzzle-solving with an irresistibly gorgeous presentation to create what is, so far, the year’s prettiest, heartrending indie.”

The Sixth Axis – 8/10: “Planet of Lana looks and sounds as wonderful as its original reveal promised. While it doesn’t redefine the adventure platformer, the adorable partnership between Lana and Mui, the gorgeous art direction and sweeping soundtrack make this well worth experiencing.”

Game Informer – 7.8/10: “While I would have liked gameplay to have more bite and variety, Planet of Lana is still an enjoyable and beautiful romp. The art direction and main jingle are likely the only things that will stick with me in the long run, but Lana and Mui’s journey is a competent rescue mission that doesn’t always soar as high as the machines pursuing them.”

Digital Trends – 3.5/5: “Planet of Lana makes up for some repetitive 2D puzzling with a gorgeous art style and a good-natured tone.”

Rock, Paper Shotgun – Unscored: “Planet Of Lana is an action-packed, story-rich adventure across a wonderful sci-fi landscape filled with dangerous machines, but a mediocre middle act just stops it short of achieving true greatness.”

Planet of Lana launches for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC on May 23 and also joins both Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass on the same day. Are you looking forward to this one? Let us know down in the comments.

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