Gameplay Overview for The Chant Welcomes You to a Spiritual Nightmare

Cult of the Lamb may be turning heads when it comes to horror games, but one other game coming this November wants to add their own twist to the cult-based horror genre.

Gameplay Overview for The Chant Welcomes You to a Spiritual Nightmare

Just in, Brass Token Games has given us a new gameplay overview for The Chant, and it promises a ‘Spiritual Nightmare’. Check this out:

Here’s the official description:

The Chant has a compact and exploratory world, encouraging players to navigate deep within different locations to uncover resources and collectibles, while bringing to life the past of the former inhabitants of this interconnected island.

This Gameplay Video explains how The Chant combines survival, action, and exploration mechanics to create a distinct cult cosmic horror experience. As we walk you through some different areas of Glory Island, discover how the Mind, Body, and Spirit system impacts both the moment to moment action and how the story unfolds

Ever since it was announced, I’ve always been interested in the premise of The Chant. Besides the horror aspect that usually comes with cults, I love the idea that you have to defend yourself with all the ‘spiritual’ items associated with that culture like sage sticks and incense.

This is also just me, but the psychedelic visuals somehow remind me of The Last of Us. It’s like if TLOU had you fighting mushroom people, The Chant will have you fighting like you’re on mushrooms. Wild.

The Chant launches for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC this Nov. 3.

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