HELLO NEIGHBOR 2 | Full Game Walkthrough | No Commentary

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The long wait is over, and Hello Neighbor 2 has finally arrived. Despite mixed reviews, the first Hello Neighbor had its fair share of dedicated fans and community. With an updated engine and now a whole town to explore, Hello Neighbor 2 promised to be better in every aspect compared to the first game.
And luckily, I can say that yes, Hello Neighbor 2 pretty much is an improvement on everything compared to the first game. The town and its houses are beautifully detailed and an absolute joy to explore. Now layouts and areas actually make sense, which make the puzzle solving all the better. It still can sometimes feel a bit like trial and error, but much less so than the first game. There are still some hiccups unfortunately, like janky physics or AI that gets stuck. But the overall pacing is much better this time around and thank goodness for not having any mannequin sections.
The story, though a bit vague, also hints at something much larger and I cannot wait to see where this series goes next!

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