How to Get Riot Fist Bump Gun Buddy

An exclusive gun buddy for the competitive yet well-mannered gamer.

VALORANT: How to Get Riot Fist Bump Gun Buddy

The Riot Fist Bump Gun Buddy is arguably the most exclusive Gun Buddy in-game. While some pros and Riot employees have had access to this Gun Buddy for a while now, most mere mortals and casual gamers haven’t had the chance to acquire these dangly things through normal means.

Yesterday, however, Riot Games released a few guidelines on how players can improve their chances of getting the Riot Fist Bump Gun Buddy in-game, so if you’re keen on getting this exclusive Gun Buddy, read on as we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about how to get the Riot Fist Bump Gun Buddy in VALORANT.

Rioter Queue

When Riot employees (or Rioters) aren’t busy cooking up updates and weeding out in-game bugs, they can be found in-game, playing the game they’ve been working very hard on – VALORANT.

These are rare occasions, so getting queued up with a Rioter is likewise a golden opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss.

Rioters only have a limited number of Fist Bump Gun Buddies they can give out, so make the most out of the situation and try to stand out from the rest of your team.

How to Get Riot Fist Bump Gun Buddy

To get the Riot Fist Bump Gun Buddy, players must “demonstrate good sportsmanship while in a match with a Riot employee.”

And no, simply being non-toxic in-game isn’t going to cut it – you’ll have to stand out and be an example for the rest of your teammates by being a “positive and motivating part of your team.” 

This includes cheering up borderline tilted teammates, commending teammates for their good work, and apologizing for doing something tactically questionable. In general, just be a good teammate by keeping your team’s spirits up and avoid doing unnecessary things that might tick you or your teammates off. 

On the other hand, if you’re thinking about asking the Rioter directly for the Gun Buddy, don’t. You’ll only kill your chances of getting a Riot Fist Bump Gun Buddy.

Remember, the Rioter needs to see your exemplary in-game behavior to be gifted the Fist Bump Gun Buddy. Communicate and motivate your teammates, but try to step up when needed.

Be In Your Best Behavior

It pays to be a good sport in VALORANT, and sometimes, the reward can be something special like a very rare Gun Buddy that only a select few players have in-game.

Riot knows good behavior when they see one. And if they deem you worthy enough to be gifted a Fist Bump Gun Buddy, consider it a huge honor akin to being inaugurated as a goodwill ambassador for VALROANT.

So, there we have it! We hope we’ve given you a good idea about getting the Fist Bump Gun Buddy in VALORANT.

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