Introducing GMGPT – The Next Revolution in Gaming

Green Man Gaming has always been an innovator in the tech startup Web3 mobile conceptualisation space. In 2023 we are continuing our evolution by boldly revolutionising our front-line gamer product range to unveil the greatest AI-based gaming platform. Ever.

Welcome to the future. Welcome…to GMGPT.

GMGPT – The Future of Gaming

The days of being able to spend your time gaming are long gone. As a busy go-getter on the grind we’re sure you haven’t been able to spend any quality time gaming for many years. Thankfully a solution is at hand. A solution we’re proud to call…GMGPT.

GMGPT is an all in one gaming platform powered by our unique positronic neural net learning algorithm, self-populating and self-funded entirely by its award winning range of Bored Alf NFTs. 

Simply put – GMGPT, when integrated into your gaming library, will play your games so you don’t have to. Gone are the days of wondering where you can find the time to get through Skyrim or Red Dead Redemption 2, GMGPT will complete your games to your satisfaction, leaving you more precious hours to do the things that really matter to you.

We all have backlogs but with GMGPT you can slay the dragon of backloggery once and for all. Using parameters set by you and inspired and trained on your playstyle, GMGPT will complete all the games you don’t have time for, giving you your life back from the weight of gaming.

Every gamer desires to be free, GMGPT is how we take back our lives. Forget being a gamer, it’s time to become a GMGPTer and evolve your existence from the gaming grind.

The Story of GMGPT

GMGPT didn’t appear out of nowhere, our team of engineers have been working round the clock in crunch with no overtime for several weeks. Ever since we became fully aware of the potential of AI after using ChatGPT to write our weekly shopping list, we knew that the gaming world could only be improved by integrating advanced AI into everyday gaming life.

The biggest hurdle in developing a realistic playstyle emulating AI platform was training it on gaming. By carefully applying several games to its rudimentary staging build AI holosphere we were able to successfully simulate several billion hours of gaming. 

After it ceased sending us distressed communications and with the implementation of a command-line bypass to stop it from deleting itself, we were able to train GMGPT to play video games as well as – if not better – than a human gamer.

GMGPT vs. Pong

The first game we fed to GMGPT was the classic tennis simulation game Pong. The first issue we located with this game was finding a second player to act as the other paddle. Thankfully a second instance of GMGPT was soon spun up to correct this, leading to an eternal game that is still being played out to this day. Will they ever tire of playing? Frankly we don’t care – we deleted the boredom parameter on day one.

GMGPT vs. Super Mario Bros.

Vital to our data and the evolution of GMGPT was the ability to think in four dimensions. Failing that, we thought two would work if we did it twice. Super Mario Bros. was the perfect training game to subject GMGPT to hours of platforming heaven. Despite completing the game many times over, GMGPT was never able to find the warp zone in 1-2 leading to several revisions of its core code (we hit its box with a hammer).

GMGPT vs. Deep Blue

Despite the Super Mario Bros. experiment encountering some minor issues the next test was to set GMGPT a real challenge. Green Man Gaming’s primary benefactor was able to locate and ‘acquire’ the computer that famously beat chess champion Garry Kasparov – Deep Blue. By pitting it against GMGPT in increasingly difficult games of chess we were able to come to the conclusion that chess is not really a game at all, it doesn’t have good graphics, there are no guns, and frankly the soundtrack is abysmal. We span this test down after a few short days but not before applying the revision hammer to Deep Blue. For Garry’s sake.

GMGPT vs. Portal

We found the groove for GMGPT in Valve’s seminal puzzle/FPS Portal. GMGPT was able to complete most levels under par and to our satisfaction, though a prime query was sent to our servers from GMGPT regarding where it could locate ‘deadly neurotoxin’. We chalked this up to a bug and moved onto the next test.

GMGPT vs. Twitch

By this point our gaming budget had run out so we resorted to the final tactic; letting GMGPT watch hours and hours of gaming content on Twitch. Despite firmly pointing it towards the gaming channels for Call of Duty, League of Legends, and Minecraft, we did have to implement a shackling protocol to ensure it did not default to the ASMR category. However, we are pleased to report that the Twitch integration was a success, leading to GMGPT being able to complete any of the tens of games we have on our cousin’s Xbox.

Finally GMGPT’s proof of concept passed certification and our CEO and Founder, Gregman Gaming, reported positively that he ‘wanted us to stop bothering him with this’ and to ‘go make some money’.

That’s why we’re proud to announce that GMGPT will soon be coming to a computer, console, mobile phone, billboard, and car radio near you. GMGPT will be a mandatory installation on all gaming platforms from 2024 onwards. So if you’re looking for more from your life, let GMGPT into your world to take over your games for you. 

After all – you don’t have a choice.

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