Legend of Keepers, the popular dungeon management game, is coming to Android and iOS later this year

Goblinz Studio has just announced a mobile port for the critically acclaimed game roguelite RPG, Legend of Keepers. After launching on PC and Nintendo Switch in 2021, the developers are finally bringing the popular game to Android and iOS later this year.

Legend of Keepers offers players a dungeon management system with roguelite gameplay and RPG features thrown into the mix. The standout feature is that players will not take on the role of the hero who will clear the dungeon, rather, they will be the villains themselves.

For a change, players can be on the other side of the dungeon, as they have been appointed as the new manager. A treasure hides deep within and it must be protected by budgeting all resources, hiring mobs, and building traps to create an impenetrable stronghold.


Lots of things like morale, gold, blood, and tears must be managed and spent wisely. There are also three dungeon masters to choose from, each offering unique abilities. Of course, it can’t be that easy to torture heroes, though. Keeping the villainous employees will be a monumental task. Players must expect strikes and sick leaves as they slowly ascend the corporate ladder.

But one thing is for sure, seeing the so-called heroes perish with breathtaking animations will definitely be an unmissable sight. Can you become the most fearful boss in dungeon history?

Legend of Keepers will release on Android and iOS on May 23rd. Pre-registrations are currently live and you can sign-up by clicking on either of the links given below. Currently, the devs are running an offer with the game available at a 30% discount. So, if you’re interested, then purchase the game now for $4.99 as opposed to $6.99.

If you’re looking for more information about the game and all the latest developments, visit the official website and check out the Steam page as well.

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