Madden NFL 23 Franchise Deep Dive Showcases New Free Agency And Scouting Features

Madden NFL 23 is just about a month away from release, and we’re starting to see EA ramp up towards that launch with our first deep dive into the game, this time focusing on Franchise mode.

With that, new features for things like scouting and free agency, with more than just money being involved in each decision, but different player motivations and tags that inform where a player might lean during negotiations.

Contracts have been further streamlined with offers ranging from being player friendly, team friendly, neutral, very player friendly, or your own custom contract.

And as a sign that the team at EA is in fact listening to player request, a Rollover Cap feature has been added, so you can carry over unused salary cap space into a new year.

Regarding scouting, there will be more scouts to choose from, additional position expertise, weighted attribute reveals, and more.

More than once in the video EA highlighted that these changes come from community requests, so it’s good to see some sign that they are indeed listening.

Hopefully this year’s release is a turn for the better for the franchise.

Source – [EA]

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