Magnum Quest codes for free dragon shards, coupons and more (July 2022)

Updated on: July 25h, 2022 – checked for new codes

Magnum Quest is a popular idle RPG developed by Tuyoo Games. If you are an avid player and are looking for working Magnum Quest codes that you can use to claim free in-game rewards such as dragon scales, customise chests of lights, golden hammer, chest of gold and more, then you are in the right place.

In this post, we will share the list of all working Magnum Quest codes. We will also keep updating this post when new codes are released. So, don’t forget to bookmark this page and visit frequently to find new working codes before others.

List of all working Magnum Quest codes

Here is a list of all working Magnum Quest:

  • ehodw5fg – Rewards: Dragonshards 1000, A pile of idle rewards (6-hour) 10, Guild Badge 3000, Customize Chest of Light 20
  • midsummer
  • mspns25rg
  • joinmagnumquest
  • getyourheroes
  • accumulateresource
  • findyourallies
  • enjoythejourney
  • childhood
  • explorenow
  • mqgift2022 – Use this code to get Adamantite Dragon Scales x10, Customise Chest of Light x20, Golden Hammer x1, A Chest of Gold (24-hour) x5

Expired codes:

  • dragoneggs – Use this code to get 1000 Dragon Shards, Golden Hammer x1, A Chest of Gold (6-hour) x10
  • giftcode
  • merryxmas
  • 2021year
  • 2021jan
  • chineseny
  • ilovemq
  • 1003
  • clover
  • womenpower
  • summonergift
  • summoner2020
  • 1000likes
  • Turkeyleg
  • halloween
  • Demoninmq
  • ilovemom
  • woodsburrow
  • easteregg
  • foolfriend
  • mq61
  • ilovefather
  • magiclist
  • mqharvest
  • thanksgiving
  • halloween2021
  • herovoice
  • mq123
  • mq999
  • arcanecard
  • fbfan100kgift
  • 7daysleft1
  • 7daysleft2
  • 7daysleft3
  • 7daysleft4
  • 6daystogo1
  • 6daystogo2
  • 6daystogo3
  • 6daystogo4
  • infivedays1
  • infivedays2
  • infivedays3
  • infivedays4
  • only4days1
  • only4days2
  • only4days3
  • only4days4
  • 3daysleft01
  • 3daysleft02
  • 3daysleft03
  • 3daysleft04
  • in2days1
  • in2days2
  • in2days3
  • in2days4
  • cu2mr1
  • cu2mr2
  • cu2mr3
  • cu2mr4

How to redeem codes in Magnum Quest?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to redeem codes in Magnum Quest:

  • Go to Magnum question redemption centre
  • Enter your in-game UID (You can find it by clicking on your avatar icon in-game)
  • Copy and paste any of the working Magnum Quest code from above in the text area
  • Click on the redeem button
  • Launch Magnum quest and collect your reward through the in-game mail

About Magnum Quest

Magnum Quest is an idle RPG with strategic elements developed by Tuyoo Games. It features card-based mechanics and 3D battles. You have to collect heroes and deploy them in tabletop-esque combat. It is available on both Android and iOS. You can download it from Google Play or the App Store.

Original article by Sumant Meena, updated by Pocket Gamer Staff.

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