Modder builds the world’s first PS5 slim

We’ve featured DIY Perks’ incredible builds before, including a huge TV that was bright enough to use outside (opens in new tab). Matt’s latest build is something a bit closer to home though: he’s taken a Sony PlayStation 5 (opens in new tab) and made his own slim version of it. Obviously, it’s nothing as simple as rehousing it in a new case, there’s a whole feat of engineering on display here.

As he points out at the start of the video, Sony usually releases a slim version of its consoles a few years down the line, although given the sheer size and age of the PS5 it may be a while yet. Not one to wait, Matt sets about building a machine that’s just 2cm thick, with the help of a water-cooling system that can be hidden out of sight. Spoilers, he manages it and indeed builds a PS5 slim that is just 1.9cm thick.

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