Overwatch 2 NEW Hero Kiriko Gameplay Review

Kiriko is the new Overwatch 2 Hero that will Launch with the game October 4th (free for owners of Overwatch 1 or the Founders Pack). She is a Shimada, believes in mixing the traditional with the modern and is an excellent step forward for Overwatch 2 design. Kiriko is a playmaker hero that requires timing and skill to execute. Alike Genji, she has an incredible skill ceiling and a blast to play! Huge critical hit damage, incredible mobility, big playmaking to save your team from burst damage and ultimates, and the most aggressive (and probably overpowered lol) support ultimate in the game!

00:00 Intro
00:26 Kunai (Primary Attack)
01:06 Swift Step
02:09 Protection Suzu
03:37 Healing Ofuda (Alt Fire)
04:31 Wall Climb (Passive)
05:04 Kitsune Rush (Ultimate)
07:15 Kiriko Review

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