Overwatch 2 Twitch drops: How to get beta access

Overwatch 2’s first beta begins on April 26 and you’ll be able to get access to it by watching specific streamers like Pokimane, Seagull, and others on Twitch, according to Blizzard’s new blog post. Even if you don’t own the base game, which is required to play the beta, you’ll be granted a free trial to it that lasts until the beta ends on May 17. 

How do you get into the Overwatch 2 beta via Twitch? 

Beta access through Twitch for Overwatch 2 is more time-limited than most Twitch drops. The Twitch drop periods last from April 27 at 10 am PT until 6 pm PT, so that gives you 8 hours to watch and earn an invite. In order to get access you have to watch 4 hours of one (or across several) of the many streamers that Blizzard has listed in its blog post.

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