Playing with possessed cars, jump scares, and severed hands in Evil Dead: The Game

If you can’t trust your teammates, who can you trust? In 4-v-1 asymmetric horror slasher Evil Dead: The Game, the concept of trust gets a bit tricky, because at any moment one of your survivor teammates can turn on you.

It’s not their fault! They’re completely innocent. During a match, the player controlling a powerful demon can possess one of the four co-op survivors and take over their bodies. But it still feels like a betrayal when it happens. One minute you’re all running through the dark woods together, marking weapon pickups and calling out healing supply stashes and fighting off monsters as a team. Then suddenly your loyal companion is blasting you with a boomstick or hacking at you with a chainsaw and all hell breaks loose. Or worse, you’re the one possessed and all you can do is watch yourself going ham on your friends until they beat you to a pulp and the demon releases you.

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