Pokémon fan video replicates Ken Sugimori’s classic watercolor art in game

It’s no secret that fan artists are super creative and are willing to go the extra mile to share their love for a work and this beautiful video created by @pokeyugami on Twitter proves it.

@pokeyugami is a Pokémon themed fan art account with the theme of “space-time distortion” basically creating fun alternate takes on the different eras of Pokémon. Sword and Shield gym battles on N64? Sure! Classic Ken Sugimori styled watercolor art of newer characters? They’ve got it!

The video you saw in the tweet at the top of the article is their latest creation. A re-imagining of Pokémon Red and Blue in the style of Pokémon Legends: Arceus but with Ken Sugimoir’s classic art style.

Just to be clear, This is not a fan-game, it is simply a fan video meant to showcase what a game like this COULD look like. There’s no denying that many people would love to see a game like this get made but for now all we can do is look at this lovely art and hope.

If you’ve loved this video then we highly suggest following @pokeyugami on Twitter so you can see all their incredible art when it’s ready.

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