Puzzles & Dragons welcomes The Fist of the North Star once again for another collaboration event

Puzzle & Dragons, Gungo’s mobile match-3, is back with another collaboration as The First of the North Star, a popular anime series, returns to the puzzler. The show takes place in a Mad Max-ish world where Kenshiro, the protagonist, is a braveheart warrior who makes use of his fighting form, Hokuto Shinken, to track down Shin, his fiancé’s kidnapper. Sooner than later, Kenshiro finds himself part of a much bigger picture as he eventually becomes a saviour of the people in his harsh and unforgiving world.

The valiant nature of Kenshiro must be celebrated and, as a result, Puzzle & Dragons will feature the 5 Magic Stones! Fist of the North Star Egg Machine, and the Fist of the North Star Memorial Egg Machine in-game. Players will also get a free pull just for logging in, which gives them a chance to win heroes from the show like Kenshiro, Bat, and Lin, or villainous fighters like Raoh and Kaioh.

Kenshiro’s fight continues in the puzzler as he is forced to raid three dungeons which will grant handsome rewards. The Fist of the North Star Dungeon gives away Magic Stones and collab characters which can’t be obtained from the egg machine. The Fist of the North Star Challenge! Dungeon grants a free pull from the machine, while the Skill Leveling Dungeon Fist of the North Star can be used to level up the crossover characters. Kenshiro, Raoh DeviDRA, and more will also be available as the Monster Exchange.

Like always, there’s a method to get the collab items fast as well, however, it takes some assistance from your wallet. Here’s what a slight fee can get you:

  • $0.99 USD – One Magic Stone and a pull from the Fist of the North Star Egg Machine
  • $19.99 USD – 20 Magic Stones and a pull from the six-star Fist of the North Star Egg Machine

Add these returning heroes to your squad in case you missed them the last time by downloading Puzzle & Dragons now for free.

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