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SnowRunner, the blockbuster off-roading experience from Saber Interactive and Focus Entertainment, has just released its Season 9: Renew & Rebuild. This new season opens the Year 3 Pass, which includes four seasons (today’s Season 9 + the next three to come) that all bring new maps, new trucks and a host of new cosmetics to the game. Season 9 introduces two new maps, two new vehicles, as well as all-new activities. Start your new mission on the trails of this firefighting-themed season now!

Season 9: Renew & Rebuild takes you to Ontario, Canada, a brand-new region in SnowRunner, where you need to help get the devastated region back on its feet following ravaging wildfires. Drive off the roads of Albany River and Burnt Forest, two new 4km² maps with early autumn moods and a melancholic feel for a soothing experience as you bring life back to a desolate landscape of burnt forest and buildings, flooded farmland, water towers and disaster relief tents.

Season 9: Renew & Rebuild is available now on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 — and automatically granted to all owners of the Year 3 Pass. Save money on all the content released since launch and beyond with the 1-Year, 2-Year and 3-Year Anniversary Editions.

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