Star Fox actor comes out of retirement for a Half-Life 2 mod that replaces Alyx with a sexy blue fox

If you’ve ever thought to yourself that the one thing that could make Half-Life 2 better is a sexy blue fox in place of Alyx Vance, you’ve probably played Gagnetar’s Alyx Replacement mod for Half-Life 2 that swaps out Eli Vance’s daughter for Krystal, the primary heroine of the Star Fox series.

The mod was originally released in 2017 and got a significant upgrade in early 2018, but now it’s taken an even bigger step into the big-time with the addition of original Krystal voice actor Estelle Ellis, who is doing “a complete rework of Alyx’s lines” for the mod. It’s an especially remarkable get because Ellis hasn’t done any videogame voice acting for close to 20 years: Mobygames lists her most recent credit as Perfect Dark Zero in 2005.

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