Tanuki Sunset | Announce Trailer | Xbox One, X/S, PS4, PS5 & Switch

Release date: 2nd November on PlayStation, and 4th November for Xbox.

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Tanuki Sunset is a fun, arcade-style longboarding game starring a radical, thrill-seeking raccoon! Get into a flow state and master the art of drifting as you speed downhill – dodging traffic, catching air, and nailing tricks – in a bid to become the first raccoon to complete Sunset Island’s legendary longboard trail!

Key Features
• Race the trail, with stages set across Sunset Peaks, Midnight City, and Sunrise Beach
• Friendly control scheme makes it easy to pick up, play, and get in the zone
• Try multiple modes, including story mode, endless mode, score, and time trials
• Collect Tanuki Bits as you race, and spend them on new gear at Bob’s Skate Shop
• Enjoy a colorful, retro art style and a laid-back sun-kissed soundtrack

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