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“a plume drenched in blood to pen the course of history”

omg he did a video on an old srpg some number of people played brooooo
Covenant of the Plume is weird for a few reasons. Firstly, nixing the Valkyrie main character thing, but sure, Wylfred’s viable. Second, trying to transpose traditional VP gameplay onto an srpg framework, which does well, it’s not awful, but it comes with a lot of little quirks.

For example, most units are melee-exclusive, and don’t get the ability to initiate combat at range (all combat is to be initiated, you’re not just dropping single attacks, but trying to land squad-strikes) and so many characters lack the utility of, say, FFT with it’s classes. No melee unit has a ranged attack, everyone has access to the same pool of utility options via skills, it’s WEIRD.

But I’m not gonna get too nerdy, and instead look at the game in sum. A lot of those micro-points are cool, but it’s hard to even get people invested in the thing enough to care, so here’s my attempt at making Coom seem interesting. Check it.

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