The state of Discord in 2022: gaming takes a backseat to forums

We’re in the golden age of Discord. Tens of millions of people use it every day, and by all indications, that number is going up. What started as a way to have good, free voice chat with friends and finally delete Skype has ballooned into a whole generation’s destination for messaging, video calls, streaming, file sharing, and communities all under the same roof.

Discord is no longer content being an app for gamers, though. The company wants communities of every type to organize under its banner, and mutate into a big casserole of social networking features. Now that Discord is a better Skype, it also wants to be a better Zoom, a better Instagram, and a better Twitter. As Discord gets crowded, I’ve been wondering if it can remain the cool, accessible, mostly private social network that all of my friends hang out on. Is it done getting features that matter to gamers, and will the stuff it already does well always be free? Let’s take a look at where Discord is in 2022 and where it might be going.

In 2022, Discord is still very good

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