The underpaid and unrecognized editors behind Twitch’s biggest streamers want and deserve more

When Yassuo, the popular League of Legends Twitch streamer, shouts to his video editor that he will receive a bonus three cents for every YouTube like on the future clip, it’s hard not to feel a little sad for him. The editor, Pinoy, takes it as a challenge though. He jumps into frame and commands anyone watching the video (opens in new tab) to slam both the like and dislike button to maintain balance as he imitates Thanos in a surprisingly well-acted, yet low quality remake of a scene in Avengers: Infinity War.

Pinoy is unforgettable as he zig zags around the screen with, frankly, more charisma than the streamer he’s supposed to be promoting. This isn’t a Yassuo video, this is a Pinoy video, if only for a moment. That attitude and willingness to insert himself into the video is why Pinoy is a rarity among the usually invisible editors behind the biggest names on Twitch. Yassuo fans know who’s putting the videos together and that’s why any time there’s a bonus involved, they help get him paid.

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