Those close to Reggie told him not to take a job at Nintendo

While we can certainly remember Nintendo before Reggie’s time, the years he was with the company are certainly some of the best the Big N has ever had. Sure, the company had a ton of success in that era, but they also cranked out a ton of meme-worthy content that quickly endeared Reggie to Nintendo fans around the world. That’s what makes it so surprising to hear that people were actively trying to keep him from joining the company.

During his SXSW keynote, Reggie revealed that unnamed people close to him were suggesting he should stay away from Nintendo due to a number of hurdles. Thankfully, Reggie decided to go against those suggestions to try and land a job at Nintendo of America. Anyone can look back on Reggie’s decision to push ahead and recognize that it was one of the best he ever made!

You can see Reggie’s full comments on considering taking on a role at Nintendo below.

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