Top 5 Videogame Trailers of All Time

This is the definitive Top 10 list for videogame Trailers for the current generation consoles. This list is based on how pumped they got you for the game itself. This is my picks for 5-1 and my 10-6 is in another video. This video includes the Lost Odyssey intro, The Bioshock Trailer, The God of War 3 Trailer, The Star Wars Old Republic Trailer and in first place the Warhammer Mark of Chaos Trailer. These Picks basically speak for themselves. I do apologize for having to cut down each trailer though. I had to make sure all 5 squeezed into the 10 minute maximum time limit. Now this was an extremely difficult list to create and looking back there are definitely other games that could have been on this list but I ultimately stand by it. I will have up an honerable mentions video tomorrow most likely with the trailers for Left 4 Dead, Killzone 2, Gears of War Rendevous with Death trailer, and the Universe at War Trailer.

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