Torchlight: Infinite, the upcoming ARPG dungeon crawler, has begun pre-registration on Android

Torchlight: Infinite, X.S Entertainment’s action RPG set in the universe of the same name has finally opened pre-registration on Android. The game has seen a couple of closed beta tests and now, as we grow closer to launch, eager players can begin signing up in advance for the RPG. While pre-registrations aren’t up on the App Store right now, it will release on iOS and PC as well. The Torchlight series began all the way back in 2009 and has had three titles that were playable on PC and consoles. With Torchlight: Infinite, mobile will also be added into the mix.


In Torchlight: Infinite, players will have the opportunity to play the way they want as the game allows everyone to create builds to suit their style thanks to the plethora of available heroes. These unique characters will all feature distinctive traits with over 50 talent nodes, using which endless combos can be made. Pair that up with 230 types of legendary gear and more than 200 skills, players can fine-tune their experience to a T.

As with a lot of upcoming mobile games, a multiplayer aspect has become quite the norm. Torchlight: Infinite will feature an in-depth trading system to complement the multiplayer gameplay. The content at launch will also be expanded on regularly and players will periodically find new things to do in the ARPG. That alongside crossplay means swapping between PC and mobile will be very smooth, allowing users to play wherever they are.

More information about Torchlight: Infinite can be found on its official website. The game is being developed by veterans of the industry who’ve worked on titles like Diablo and Path of Exile. Pre-register for Torchlight: Infinite now for free on TapTap. The iOS page should be up soon as well.

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