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What’s up everyone, Kaiju here! I’m going to be reviewing the three newly released Godzilla mobile video games in 2021. These games include RUN GODZILLA, GODZILLA DESTRUCTION, and GODZILLA BATTLE LINE. In the previous game reviews, I went over RUN GODZILLA and GODZILLA DESTRUCTION, so I’ll be doing a video game review for the game GODZILLA BATTLE LINE in today’s video. GODZILLA BATTLE LINE is a real-time strategy mobile game by Toho Co., Ltd. that is available on the app store and the google play store. It made its worldwide release quite recently, and there is currently a collaboration event with the Netflix Anime: Godzilla Singular Point. I will be going over the gameplay, the positive aspects, and the negative aspects that GODZILLA BATTLE LINE has to determine if it delivers as a decent Godzilla mobile game.

0:00 – Intro Skit
2:08 – Intro
4:08 – Gameplay
8:03 – Review
11:23 – Ending
12:23 – Bloopers
14:00 – Outro

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