Xenoblade Chronicles 3 heroes – I need a hero

To say you already have a big party in the new Xenoblade is an understatement, but the fearsome forces of the Moebius are a real threat, so you may need our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 heroes guide. While the main six party members are your active companions that you can control and can combine to create the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Ouroboros, heroes are another wrinkle to the battle system.

So, what are Xenoblade Chronicles 3 heroes? A seventh wheel, or another pillar of combat, heroes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 are people you meet along your journey who decide to lend their aid to your party. They take part in battles and upon joining, unlock a new class for your party members. You can only use one hero at a time in battle, but you can swap them out as you see fit, make sure you use the right one for each battle.

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Here’s our guide to Xenoblade Chronicles 3 heroes.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 heroes

Xenblade Chronicles 3 heroes: a chaarcter portrait shows a male warrior named Zeon

Zeon – guardian commander

“Turn the tables with boosted abilities when things look dire.”
A tall male warrior who looks to be a member of the High Entia race, Zeon wields a sword and seems to give other players buffs when HP is low.

Xenblade Chronicles 3 heroes: a chaarcter porttrait shows a female character named Alexandria

Alexandria – incursor

“Unleash more critical hits for higher attack power”
A female humanoid who wields a broadsword, Alexandria boosts the party by increasing the likelihood of critical hits appearing. Sure to add some extra punch to your biggest attacks.

Xenblade Chronicles 3 heroes: A character portrait shows a character called Valdi

Valdi – war medic

“Heal team members and bolster them with various buffs.”
A mechanic, child soldier, and seemingly a member of the Machina race, Valdi helps from afar with their healing rifle and an attack called bullet hail.

Xenblade Chronicles 3 heroes:two round furry creatures are shown, dressed in armour

Riku & Manana – class unknown

Two Nopon that work together in combat, we don’t know much about how they fight, but they’re completely adorable.

Xenblade Chronicles 3 heroes:an image shows a female character in armour

Ashera – class unknown

A tall humanoid female, Ashera reminds us a little of Elma from Xenoblade Chronicles X. With her suit of armour and tough demeanour, she truly means business.

Xenblade Chronicles 3 heroes: a close up shows a female character with purple hair and horns

Fiona – class unknown

A seemingly slightly more shy and reserved female character, Fiona has bright purple hair and an outfit that looks like it’s stripped right out of Sailor Moon. We don’t know enough about her yet, but she looks cool if nothing else.

Xenblade Chronicles 3 heroes: a male character with a face covering and two pistols is visible

Gray – class unknown

Dual-wielding pistols and with a gruff demeanour only further exaggerated by a mask over his face, Gray is a tall, dark, and mysterious character that looks like trouble.

Xenblade Chronicles 3 heroes: a menu shows a selection of different hero characters

Unknown characters

As we get closer to the release of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and get our hands on the game properly, we will update this guide with more characters, classes, and much more information.

That’s it for today Xenoblade fans, but there isn’t too long to wait now until we’re finally exploring the land of Aionios. If you need another RPG adventure to look forward to though, be sure to keep your eye on our Persona 3 Switch release date guide, and Persona 4 Switch release date guide, and find out when you can dive into your next RPG obsessions.

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